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Is your company in need of a trustless infrastructure? Or are you working on a proof of concept related to Distributed Systems? Do you 'need a Blockchain'? Or are you working on a system that should always remain accessible and usable, no matter what?

Resilia helps companies and organizations of all kinds and sizes with their challenges.

We design and build clever systems and smart contracts that will just keep on working, no matter what.

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Resilia's Byzantine Generals
FintechFans Token Sale
Crowdfunded Financial Technology Service
FintechFans is the leading platform to provide and find inspiring jobs in the field of Financial Technology. FintechFans is going to hold a Decentralized Token Sale to crowd-fund the further development of its software services, most notably a blockchain-based Decentralized Marketplace to post short-term jobs.
De Nederlandse Blockchainkaart
Map to increase exposure of Dutch initiatives in the Blockchain-tech
De Nederlandse Blockchainkaart has as goal to increase exposure of all companies, organizations, enthusiasts and meetups that relate to the Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and related technologies. Anyone is able to register a marker on this free, public initiative.
ZenoMarket Token Sale
Decentralized Bartering Marketplace
Current online marketplaces can be improved upon in three ways:
  1. They require large fees to place advertisements
  2. They frequently restrict payments to fiat currencies, instead of allowing for free bartering
  3. Users are not incentivized to properly finish the advertisement flow, resulting in many 'stale' advertisements where you are not sure if the product for sale isn't sold already.
ZenoMarket strives to improve on these three points, by creating a set of Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. ZenoMarket operates on a novel idea of fairness, where spent tokens are proportionally distributed amongst all current token holders.
Fast and Scalable Decentralized Datastore
The BlockTree, also known as Distributed Hash Tree, is a decentralized datastore built on top of the Kademlia Distributed Hash Table protocol (which is most notably used inside BitTorrent). Because data is stored in a partial ordering (instead of a full ordering like some other systems, most notably BlockChains provide/require) , it is a lot simpler in setup and maintenance and is able to function as high-throughput decentralized storage for arbitrary-size data.
Payment Service Provider
Qantani was the first conventional Payment Service Provider that allowed payments in Bitcoin. Because the initial version of the Qantani Payment Processing System was not as scalable as the traction it got required, a second version was written. This system contained some truly revolutionary features to improve overall scalability and security.
In March 2017, Qantani was sold to Mollie Payments . The end of an Era.
the Cactus Player
Peer-to-Peer Decentralized Music Player
the Cactus Player is a peer-to-peer decentralized music player, based on the BitTorrent protocol. It basically is to Spotify what PopcornTime is to Netflix. The Cactus Player was an open-source proof-of-concept project started in 2015, with a client written in Node-Webkit (NWJS) , and a decentralized server written in plain PHP.
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